The Sunny Boy story began on Alberta’s golden prairies in 1926. In partnership with farmers surrounding Camrose, Alberta, Sunny Boy used local grains to mill whole wheat flour. Hot cereal soon followed and Sunny Boy has been providing families in the West with simple, wholesome breakfasts ever since. Today our Canadian owned mill buys local wheat, rye, barley and flax from surrounding fields. Sunny Boy recipes have been a staple in prairie kitchens and hearts for over 80 years and can help be a part of your goal of maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet.

Sunny Boy Cereal Packaging History

The land gives back what we put into it. This is why we’ve partnered with local farmers to reduce the distance that your food travels from field to fork—food miles. Low mileage means less storage too, and the result is a milled product so fresh and light it will taste like it’s straight from the field. Our commitment to freshness and environmental awareness means that you’ll enjoy Sunny Boy products not only because they’re good for your body, but also because they’re good for the earth.

Sunny Boy Foods support small farming practices by buying from local area farmers and milling flour in Camrose. This means that we are helping secure locally grown foods because when farmers are giving the opportunity to sell, they’re given the freedom to grow. The result is a community built strong and healthy through its partnerships.