• Where did Sunny Boy Cereal originate?

    Sunny Boy Cereal was first introduced in 1929 in Camrose, Alberta. The ingredients and milling procedures have been consistently upheld to ensure that the unique qualities of Sunny Boy Cereal are maintained. Find more information on our history on the History & Mission page.

  • Are the grains grown locally?

    Yes. We try to source all of our grains from local farmers, ideally within 100 miles of our mill. We also have strict guidelines for the quality of our grains; so all grains are tested and graded to ensure they meet our specifications.

  • Where are Sunny Boy Products available?

    Sunny Boy Cereal is available in most grocery stores in Western Canada. We are currently working on expanding into Eastern Canada. Visit the Where to Buy page for a the most recent list of distributing stores and product availability.

  • What certifications and organizations are you involved in?

    We are involved in, or hold memberships and certifications with the following associations aimed at sustainable production and organic initiatives:

    Alberta Food Processors Association
Going Organic Network
    The Canadian Organic Growers
    QMI Organic Certified
    USDA Certified Organic
    GfRS Certified