From field to fork, Sunny Boy production methods reflect our belief in combining good value with current lifestyles. The story of our cereal, flour and pancake mixes begins in the sunny fields surround Camrose, Alberta. Wheat, rye, barley and flax are grown using methods as simple as the day Sunny Boy began: fueled by the sun and watered by the skies. In accordance with Canada’s Organic Certification, the organic grain growers for Sunny Boy keep their fields free from chemicals and pesticides, ensuring that Sunny Boy products are good for the body and for the land.

Once harvested, the grain is brought to the Sunny Boy mill where it undergoes a careful selection process in the testing laboratory. As they’re carefully cleaned and sorted, only the highest quality grains make the cut, which is why Sunny Boy is so nutritious.

The entire process takes place at the mill, including the packaging of the products in recyclable bags. Shipping directly means that the Sunny Boy products you bring home from the grocery store are the freshest available. We’ve taken care to see that our grain has the least amount of food miles so that you get to experience nutritious products fresh off the mill.